NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting organization, has more than fifty free educational TV programs available through their “NHK for School” site. Each program also has a summary available for it, and many have extra clips or supplementary materials as well. This is an amazing resource for language learners, and I decided to translate the main menu so that Japanese learners can more easily find programs they’re interested in for whatever level they’re comfortable with!

The Land of Stories Key Points for Reading and Writing Japanese Words Out Of A Gourd The Land of Stories (Classic) The Master of Communication and his Lovely Assistant Contemporary Literature Classical and Chinese Literature Number Detective Zero Mathematica 2 The Thinking Crow So Many Wonders (3rd Grade) So Many Wonders (4th Grade) So Many Wonders (5th Grade) So Many Wonders (6th Grade) I Love Mysteries Investigating Mysteries World of Mysteries Mystery Intelligence Agency Micro-World Science 1 Science 2 Field Observation Biology Physics and Chemistry Know Your Maps I Can See Japan! Door to Society Amazing History Exciting Japanese Culture for Kids Japanese History Citizens Geography Panta-Kun of the Milky Way Bath-House Ganko-Chan of Buzz-Buzz Forest Miss Conscience Ethics Documentary School Life At Home and Outside Your Body and Health Colorful! Knock Out Bullying Educational Guidance Genbaruman Studying Disaster Prevention Conveying Your Point Eye on the Media What Would You Do? Tomorrow's Earth Info/Media English 101 Stretchmen 5 Hyper Stretchmen Smile! Image Map

The main program pages all follow about the same format, so they’re easy to navigate.

  • You can switch episodes by looking at the very top of the page for the words 2013年度 and ほうそう回. Clicking the first will allow you to select different years (if available), and the second will allow you to select a different episode.
  • There’s a little intro graphic underneath the top menu with links to things like what the program is about, who the characters are and so on.
  • The video and the outline are available under the heading ばんぐみ. Clicking on the image, or the word どうが, will take you to the video, while あらすじ is the outline.
  • To the right of the video are clips, supplementary materials and materials for teachers.

All of the translations are my own; if there’s any official translations for any of these program names I never found them. Some are more literal than others. I’ve used an asterisk to show which ones have subtitles (which can be turned off, as well)

With more than 50 programs, even I haven’t watched an episode from each one, but so far I really like the “So Many Wonders” series (ふしぎがいっぱい), “Amazing History” (歴史にドキリ), “Smile” (スマイル), “I Can See Japan” (見えるぞ!ニッポン) and “The Master of Communication and His Lovely Assistant” (お伝と伝じろう; probably the translation I took the most liberty with!) If you find any you particularly like, write a comment about it!

Thanks to my friend Tsubasa for help with some of the title translations, and to Image Maps for the imagemap function!


3 Responses to Watch Japanese Kids’ Shows Online with NHK for School! Translated Program Guide for Japanese Learners

  1. Bob says:

    Thank you. I have some new material for this weekend.

  2. Vii says:

    Thank you for doing this! I watch the videos pretty regularly, but often forget which ones I’m going through. Having the English chart will make it a lot easier to keep track.

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